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Dec 6 12 8:39 AM

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Things have been sleepy around here of late, so now is a good time time to dig out, dust off, and photograph any forum-appropriate model you have, and post it.

You also might remember a story about one of your models.  Topics such as "If only I still had that one" would be one place where that story could be shared.

Any way, Christmas is heading toward us, so Merry Christmas to All!

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Dec 6 12 10:30 PM

I agree, Mark. I check in here every day, and things most definitely have been a little sleepy! I haven't ran across any decent promos at a good price since the '82 El Camino, but I do have some older stock builds that would fit the build. I could post some of them up here. For those of us that are members next door, some of them you may have seen before. A lot of them qualify for both places. 

I'll do what I can to help wake it up a little bit. C'mon guys, join in and let's see what we can do to bring it up out of the slumber for a while!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.

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Dec 9 12 1:14 PM

I also check in everyday, but I've posted my promos and only have die casts left. Non of which , in my opinion, would be worth anyone seeing. What happened to Ronnie? 

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Dec 10 12 9:20 AM

Ronnie said a while back that he has some models in storage, so maybe those will be shown in the near future.  Also, John Witzke has more of his superb collection to eventually share.  Maybe after the holiday hubbub settles, there will be more photos posted.

Meanwhile, we have a good selection on this forum to look through already, and sometimes, I browse through the old posts just to revisit those photos.

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Dec 10 12 10:40 AM

OK, here's my very first model that got me started on model cars. This one is a 1954 Ford, and my dad got it from the dealer when he bought his new car. My collection has grown enormously since then, but I still have this one. Unfortunately, it got heat warped when it was stored while I was in college.

These days, I primarily collect AMT/JoHan promos, but I've started adding some Franklin Mint models.

Click here to view the attachment

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#7 [url]

Dec 11 12 9:15 AM

An additional note: thank you to all of you for waking up our forum.  We have had four new promo photos and several new comments posted in the last 48 hours.  I'm glad we're still here.

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Dec 13 12 7:39 PM

Haven't been checking in here for a while, after there was no change for so long. Got an email reminder about the place today and looked like there'd been some recent activity. Glad to see the place is still alive! I'll try to come up with something new to post in the near future.

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Dec 16 12 7:39 PM

     This forum is too good to be allowed to fizzle.



I agree with you 100%, Mark. This is a great forum, and we need to keep it going any way we can think of. Even if we post some built kits, diecasts, and what-not, we need to keep it plugging away! (as long as we keep it in the guidelines originally set forth) The promos will trickle in as people get them, or get them dug out from where they are stored. Don't give up on us!

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Feb 19 13 11:46 PM

Has Ronnie retrieved and unpacked his promos yet?  I hope he's still with us.
John Witzke also said he has more promos packed away.  We're hoping to see more of his excellent promo collection.

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Mar 29 13 7:27 AM

Spring cleaning time!  Dust off those old models you've had in storage, take some photos, and let's get the sap flowing through this forum's veins again.  Hope everyone had a good winter, and here's hoping we all have a good spring.

May 18, 2013, at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds, Kalamazoo, Michigan, will be the Circus Maximus Antique Toy Show.  All kinds of toys are featured, but it's mostly model cars: toys, promos, kits, diecasts, tin...
That's on a Saturday, 9AM to 2PM.

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Jul 1 13 5:52 AM

Anybody home? Or has everyone gone to the beach for the summer? In any case, I haven't hit the surfboard lately (I never have) but instead attended a large car show about a month ago and left with a very nice 1963 Olds Starfire coupe in dark red metallic by JoHan. No warp to speak of, which is unusual, just the usual slight wave in the side stripe. Cleaned and polished (cotton only, no wax), the model looks virtually new. Sorry, no photo, since I remain computer-pictorial illiterate. The Olds is my first new promo of the year (I'm slowing down in old age) and it's a cracker, reminding me a lot of the '62 Olds in which I learned to drive. 

So what's up? What have you dug up lately? Anybody home?

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#20 [url]

Aug 8 13 5:37 AM

Let's emerge from the summer doldrums and post some comments & pictures, friends.

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