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Dec 28 12 5:37 AM

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'Bye White Christmas, 'lo Auld Lang Syne: It seems like 2000 was just yesterday, but in a few days we'll find ourselves smack dab in "2013". In a modelling context it occurs to me that the bargain PMC '53 Chevy convertible in Target Red with the broken windshield (the pieces were there and I reassembled them with clear gloss) that I bought last year will be turning 60. That's one old promo, like its owner. Wishing that everyone fares well in the year ahead. Let's make it a good one!

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Dec 28 12 4:28 PM

Thanks for the good wishes, hamburger.  Will you be showing photos of your promos soon?  Uploading photos directly from your own computer's files is very easy on this forum.

Simply click the "Upload files" box at the bottom of the "Reply" box.  Your computer's flies will appear, then click the file you want to post.  A notation will appear below the "upload files" box when the file is fully uploaded.  You can upload as many files as you want.  Then, when you're ready, click "Submit Reply", as you do when you're making any other post, and your photos will appear.

Let any of us know if you have any problems.

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Dec 29 12 4:43 AM

Thanks for the tips, Mark. Rest assured that I'll be filing pictures as soon as I have the necessary set-up, such as a digital camera and a bug-free computer. The New Year is a welcome opportunity to call in a technician to get everything right. Till then, well, just call ole Hamburger the "Wordman", which is what he was for years as a news journalist. 

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