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Dec 29 12 4:54 AM

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I may not have any pictures to offer, but I've sure got questions:

QUESTION: Whose collection contains even a single promo made in the 21st Century?

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Dec 30 12 3:15 AM

I mean new ones of the new ones. I was referring to any traditional promo (1:25 scale, plastic) based on any recent American car made between 2000 and 2012. My one example of a 21st Century promo is a 2010 Corvette coupe in silver (great model - sorry, no picture at this time); that's the sort of thing I had in mind. I'm not speaking of the few retro anniversary Vettes offered during this time. The plastic promo is vanishing: there have been a few Camaros (2011 and 2012) in addition to the annual Corvettes; a Dodge Challenger, a Chevrolet patrol car and a Chrysler PT Cruiser made as official plastic promos between 2000 and 2012. I may have missed one in this listing, but there has not been much. In contrast, there was a fairly large selection of promos between 1990 and 1999, the final decade of the 20th Century. So, the selection is dwindling and the plastic promo as an advertising and sales tool is clearly in decline. Who is still collecting the new ones? Who has acquired one of the new Camaros? The Corvettes? The Challenger? We're not talking about the retros here, though they're nice. The Hamburger (who contacted the major automakers a couple of years to urge them to get back into plastic promos, which constitute a collecting continuum) would like to know. As soon as everyone has recovered from the holidays, o' course.

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Dec 31 12 6:57 AM

A 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT in Hemi Orange was produced by Round 2 for the Chrysler Corporation. It was 1:25 scale plastic and very detailed. Yes, I would like to have one, but it is not cheap. It can be seen from time to time in the Promos section of a popular internet auction house that begins with "e" and ends with "y".  

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Jan 14 13 6:41 AM

Hey, the holidays are over and it's time to get back to chewing the fat, cats. It's been days since anyone posted as much as a comma or a semicolon in this fledgling cyber sphere. So, if you have a moment, please put those fingers back to work on the old keyboard and let us know: Who has a 1:25 scale plastic promo in his collection based on any American car made since 2000? How's 'bout a few answers, guys? The Hamburger wants to know. As Coach would say, down by 20 points, 'Now let's go out and show 'em in the second half!"  

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Jan 15 13 9:07 AM

Most of my plastic promos are from the 1950's, because that's the decade that holds the most nostalgia for me, and the '50s promos are what I have concentrated most on collecting.  Unfortunately, those old promos crack and warp, but for me, they have more charm than the most elaborate modern diecast.

As for real cars, I can only think of a couple that were made since 1979 that interest me.

Still hoping to see photos of your promo collection, new and old ones.  Hope your new year is off to a good start Hamburger, and thanks for checking in.

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Jan 16 13 4:46 AM

I have similar tastes, Mark. Most of my promos are from the Fifties and Sixties, though quite a number of Seventies models have taken their place on the lot. Some of the Seventies cars are also interesting styling exercises, in some cases almost as interesting as the cars from the Detroit golden age of the Fifties and Sixties. But there have been some cars worth "immortalizing" in promo form from 1979 onwards. A few have been produced as promos, but many have not. I think for example of the General Motors "Aeroback" designs which originated in the late Seventies and continued on into the early Eighties - the slantbacks offered by Buick, Olds and Cadillac. Tom K. Mills in Oklahoma City did the Caddy Aeroback in his series of 1:25 scale resin kits (and the Caddy has been discovered recently by a couple of producers of 1:43 resin handbuilts: Neo and PremiumX, as I recall), but GM never saw fit to commission a promo of an Aeroback. But to get back to my original question: I simply was curious to see how many members of the forum - or readers of the forum who have not joined and may want to join - actually have a promo of a 21st Century car in their collection. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I have exactly one - a 2010 Corvette coupe. And I only have that one because I wanted at least one example of each Vette generation in my collection. The Dodge Challenger (2008) is interesting, and I may add that one eventually. (Speaking of which, I also need to add the Plymouth Prowler of the mid-Nineties - that is one remarkable and collectable recent promo.) But clearly, the pickings are thin from 2000 on, even for a keen amateur automotive historian who would like to document the Detroit lifeline. With plastic promos in 1:25 scale.      

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Jan 17 13 6:37 AM

As for real cars, I can only think of a couple that were made since 1979 that interest me.


I'm with you on that, Mark. My major area of interest is 1964 through 1972--roughly, the "musclecar era"--particularly 1966 through 1969. I think the best looking American cars EVER were built during those years.

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Jan 17 13 8:47 AM

There's no question the best cars were in the 50s-60s and some earlier. I'm partial to most Buicks and especially like the 53 and 58 Caddys, the 61 Chevy and the 62 Pontiac.

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Jan 31 13 9:08 AM

Documenting in miniature the engineering and styling advancements of the USA Auto industry raises an interesting point.

Collectively, this site or a spin-off there from, has the potential to just such a virtual museum of industrial history.

Organization by year, make, model or class would require some search and indexing decisions however being relational and virtual the "visitor" could establish thoses on any unique visit if the search and indexing along with download capacity is smartly constructed.

A museum approach would also need to consider inclusion of kit and die cast miniatures to expand representation of more types. Being virtual, scale is a minor consideration while image size and scale fidelity would be relatively paramount.


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May 4 13 5:09 AM

The 2013 Corvette promos are out and about - coupe and convertible in white, with 60th anniversary insignia, made by AMT in small numbers (at least small compared to pre-21st Century, when some promos were produced by the jillions). Will I be ordering one? Perhaps, maybe ... I kind of doubt it.

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