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Apr 26 13 6:06 AM

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Hi everyone. I am Brian Woodard. I'm 17 and have grown up in a gear head family. My first word was "dodge". My father owns a Canadian build 1964 dodge polara 500 which has been in the family since the mid 60s. He also has a 1961 chrysler 300g.
When I was young, my father was a model builder. He had a few old Johan Mopars that I came across and was fascinated by. He told me a bit about them and introduced me to dealer promos. Although he had none, he was able to find a few photos in his collectible automobile magazines.
At the age of 7, I got into collecting vintage toys. The original hot wheels "redlines", pre 1970 matchbox cars etc. I'm still collecting so if there are any others out there wanting to get rid of some...I'm interested.
While collecting toys, I stumbled upon the odd dealer promo in antique shops, flea markets and such. I always wanted to get one but just couldn't afford them. As I got older and smarter I guess, I began trying to save up for one. I remember it was in grade 9 learning strategies class that I snuck onto a computer, bid and won my first promo. A dusty rose and brown 1964 dodge polara friction promo. For 3 years, this would be my only promo.
Back In the fall, I was able to get my first job working at Canadian tires auto parts desk. Within a month, I had added 2 more cars to my collection. So far, I am up to 10 promos, 3 of which are in the mail.
Here is my collection.

1963 dodge polara convertible. Silver. Friction. Heavy warp, worn chrome, missing windshield frame.
1964 dodge polara ht. Dusty rose. Friction. Mint
1964 dodge polara ht. Red. Friction. A pillars and glass gone, roof detached, front bumper gone, rear tire gone.
1964 dodge polara ht. Red. Torsion. A few tire burns in the glass, otherwise mint.
1965 dodge Coronet 500 convertible. White. A bow in the vent posts, hood and fender tops faded, still a nice example.
1966 dodge charger. White. Heavily but consistently faded so the car looks beige. Otherwise mint.
1968 chrysler 300. Convertible. Green. It's pretty close to mint. Too bad it's an exell repro.

In the mail.
1956 plymouth belvedere. Friction.Blue and white. Mint.
1958 plymouth belvedere. Friction. Blue and white. Mint
1963 plymouth fury. Torsion. Ht. Baby blue. Mint

I will, try to upload some photos today. Thanks

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Apr 27 13 8:23 AM

Brian, thanks for posting these photos.  You have an interesting collection of Mopar promos.  Please let us know when your purchases arrive.  I'll bet you can hardly wait! 

Your Dad has some interesting real cars, too.  You're a lucky guy.

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May 4 13 4:50 AM

Welcome to the club, Brian. At 17 you help to reduce the average age of the membership considerably. Add a number of decades (I won't say how many) to your age and you have my age. I share your interest in Mopar, as do many other model car collectors out there. You already have an impressive collection which is very strong in desirable (and sometimes expensive) mid-Sixties Dodges. In your listing of your Mopar inventory you say of your 1968 Chrysler 300 convertible that it is "too bad" that it's an X-EL. Actually, I think that in time you will find that an X-EL is an excellent addition to any collection. They've become pretty rare in their own right, and they are mighty nice. I have three X-EL 1956 Plymouths ordered in one batch when Jo-Han began to reissue their old promos back in the early Eighties. Much later I bought an X-EL 1962 Studebaker Lark convertible. I've got to say that I like these reissues just as much as Jo-Han originals. Back to Mopar: you'll probably be wanting to add a 1949 Plymouth to your collection. It may be a bit toylike, but it's a pretty good scale model as well, and adds a bit of historical dimension to a collection as one of the very first plastic promos. If you haven't already be sure to check out the various Mopar entries on this website - good reading.        

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May 6 13 9:56 AM

I agree: X-El promos are as desirable as the original JoHans, for two reasons.  JoHan produced X-El promos, so the X-El promos are continuations of JoHan's own promos.  Also, the X-Els do not warp; they are made of styrene, instead of acetate plastic.

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May 7 13 7:39 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I hope to post more photos of my promos on here and keep the forum busy.
I might be buying a red 67 fury promo from a local modeler. It was red but has been spray painted a few times. It's also had the roof cut off. Hopefully I can get it cheap enough and clean it up.

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May 12 13 12:45 PM

Hi Brian, and welcome! Glad to see a young man such as yourself into model cars.You have a very nice collection going, and glad to hear that you plan on keeping it going. We need more young folks in our great hobby, rather it's kits or promos.Glad to see you come aboard! 

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