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May 27 12 10:05 AM

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Hello. Just joined.

Most of my collection of promos, a few kits and some modern metal is from the 1950s, when cars were art, rather than all looking the same.

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May 27 12 1:01 PM

I was born in 1955 so most of my promos are from the '60's up. I have only a few '50's cars ('52 Pontiac and '57 Plymouth, that are too warped to properly display) but these little cars are a lifestyle for me. I wish I had my '57 Chevy wagon and '58 T-Bird back, my first cars, but I was too young to realize what these cars would become. Since then, I have accumilated quite a few promo models. I just wish that they were not so expensive.

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May 27 12 5:46 PM

We picked up four members our first day!  Thanks to all of you for joining, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.  All the categories are set up according to auto brand names, so feel free to post each of your models in its brand category.  (I'm hoping to see a lot of Edsels.  I'm disappointed in myself for selling my mint boxed Edsel, many years ago.)

I was born in 1952.  My brother and I had some nice promos and tinplates through the years, but used them as toys.sad

You're right, rdmink, they've gotten so expensive.  Display what you have, warped or not.  They all carry memories.

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May 28 12 9:56 AM

I got married the first time in October of last year, then I moved out of state so my model cars are stored somewhere else right now. I am looking forward to showing some of them on this forum, in due time. I am always on the lookout for model cars in general, and there are some bargains to be had. I was wandering, since "AMT's Craftman Series" snap together kits were based on promotional models, would they be considered eligible for this forum? I love that series of kits, and I'm restoring a '57 T-Bird I bought a few years ago, if I can find some minor but much needed parts for it.

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May 28 12 1:36 PM

rdmink, I know what you mean by 50s warp. That's the curse of the 50s and generally affects all promos before about 1960 or so, when the plastic changed. Ironically, it doesn't affect kits much, since apparently those already had better plastic. Darn!

It's probably why today's metal reissues are proving popular. They even have moving parts, but I still love the feel and smell of the plastic promos. Guess it's in my blood.

I have a 57 Chevy wagon and a 58 T-bird in my collection, and I'll put photos on the Chevy and Ford forums for ya. Probably gonna sell a 58 that's not in great shape on eBay before too long.

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May 28 12 4:21 PM

Modelcarnut, in the 50s the promos were made from acetate plastic (probably Tenite), and yes, it is prone to warping.  The kits in the 50s, however, were styrene, which does not warp.  By the early 1960s, the promos were made of styrene, also.  Too bad they didn't start out making the promos from styrene.

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May 28 12 4:24 PM

rdink, if you want to post those promo-based Craftman Series models, go ahead.

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May 29 12 9:10 AM

From what I can find out, AMT switched over to styrene plastic in April or May of 1961. I have '61 models both before and after the switch. JoHan did not start using styrene until 1964. Hubley never did make styrene models. 

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May 29 12 10:44 AM

Thanks for that information.  I wasn't sure when AMT and JoHan made their switches.  It's too bad JoHan waited so long.  They had some intersting models, especially with Chrysler and Studebaker products.

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Jul 20 12 10:27 AM

Ah yes, the 50's promos.I remember them well. My uncle would give me one every Christmas starting in 1951 and ending in 1955. First was a 1952 Ford. Next was a 1953 Studebaker, followed by a 1954 Buick Skylark convertible, a 1955 Buick Road Master convertible and the last a 1956 Lincoln Continental. I wish I still had them. Instead, I have a 1955 Plymouth 2 door which is not warped, but the body side trim is not good and the rear bumper is missing, one each of a 1955 and 1956 Dodge 2 Doors with warping in the rear quarters, 1958 and 1959 Chrysler 2 doors with smiley faces and a 1958 DeSoto in the same smiley condition the same. I also have 2 1959 Oldsmobile 4 doors in so so condition, a 1956 Oldsmobile missing it's top and a 1959 Oldsmobile hardtop missing one side of its rear bumper.    

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Jul 20 12 10:04 PM

Crai2773, welcome to our forum, and thanks for posting.  Please post photos of your promos, regardless of their condition.  We are all promo fanatics here, and we like seeing them, no matter what shape they're in, even if someone else has already posted the same type of model.

Your photos can be uploaded directly from your computer's files, no hosting site required.  As many photos as you want.  The purpose of this forum is to satisfy our collective urge to gaze at promos and gab about them to our hearts' content.

I want this forum to have the atmosphere of a bunch of guys going to each others' houses to look at and talk about model cars.

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Jul 20 12 10:30 PM

   I want this forum to have the atmosphere of a bunch of guys going to each others' houses to look at and talk about model cars.


That's what I love about this forum! That kind of atmosphere is what I want too, and where I want to be!

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