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May 28 12 7:03 PM

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We all have some of these in our past, right?  Those promos, or other toy or model cars, we wish we had kept; or those we lost, wrecked, or threw out.

This is where you pour out those stories. 

Enjoy some nostalgia, which is really what toy car collecting (especially promo collecting) is all about.

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May 28 12 11:00 PM

Hi everyone. Nice forum you have here!

Yes I think we all have some of those in our modeling (or collecting) past. I tried to save losing my house (after losing my job) in 1993, and sold most of my collection of vintage kits. I had many desireable kits such as the '70 Cyclone, '68 & '69 Impala, '67 -'72 Chevy Pickup kits, Ford Pickups, many Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Cougars, GMs, Fords, Mopars, AMCs, etc. I had a lot of kits from the early '60s through the mid '70s that many people desire. I also had a few promos in the mix.

I caught up the house payments that we were behind with what I had gotten for my collection, only to end up losing the house anyway because the mortgage company wouldn't work with us any further after we started to get behind again. 

So, I didn't have my house, or my prized models that I had spent a lot of time and money rounding up. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that I will never do that again. I've managed to replace some of them over the years since, but there are some that I can't seem to find at an affordable price, or can't find at all. Oh if I only had those models back again.......   - Les -

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May 29 12 7:32 AM

Les, I hear you.  Back in the early '80s I sold much of my collection, due to hard times, and in the long run, it didn't make a real difference financially.  Among those I sold was a mint boxed 1958 Edsel Hardtop promo.  I can't replace that at a price I can afford.  Like you, I won't do that again.

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May 30 12 11:02 AM

Here's another story for this topic.

Christmas, 1958.  I was six, a couple of months away from being seven.  I received an AMT '58 Ford convertible friction drive, a tannish pink/white-cream beauty.  One of the few toys that I always took good care of.  Didn't really play with this one.  I remember putting it away safely in a drawer in my bedroom dresser, sometime in the mid-1960s.  Some years later, when I looked for it, I couldn't find it!

My Dad still lives in that house, and several times I have searched it for my beloved Ford, unsuccessfully.


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May 30 12 11:09 AM

Another story:

Circa 1972, I bought a new Pontiac GTO friction drive (red) at a Big Rapids, MI "dime store", as they called local variety stores back then.  A college friend was babysitting his neice and nephew.  I gave the car to him, and told him the kids could have it to play with.

Within a day, it was smashed. 
What was I thinking?  Any idea what that model would go for on eBay, now?

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Jul 30 12 3:57 PM

I have been fortunate enough not to have had to sell any model cars, unless I wanted to. However, I regret the cars I destroyed as a child. I had a yellow and white '57 Chevy wagon, the same color '58 T-Bird, white '61 Buick Invicta, and a turquoise '62 T-Bird Sports Roadster. I still have a few damaged promos and frictions from that time, including the '61 Buick. But, around 1964, I started taking better care of my models. I had no idea (And did not care) that these cars have become so valuable. I just enjoy them so much. 

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Jul 30 12 7:41 PM

With me , it was a hurricane and then, a resulting flood . At one time , I was in a turn of the century building about a block away from the James River here in Richmond Virginia . No bear in mind , most of the surrounding buildings were considered modern if they were newer than about1906. I was running a business out of a second floor shop and living in the back .

We were given notice that the river was rising and we had about 2 hours to move our valuables to higher ground . I thought putting everything up on the third floor would suffice . I helped my downstairs neighbor move what he needed up and we evacuated the building.

What I had was a collection of most all of the kits that were avalabile to we model builders from 1960 to 1969.  By that, Auroura , Jo-Han , A M T , ( of course ), Hawk, some Pyro, some I M C's , MPC's , I think Renwall too. Along with that, my personal possesions , ie clothes and personal papers .

The flood came . I was with a couple of friends in town and the flood was much worse than anyone expected . I parked a 70 Ford van I had just bought several blocks away and where I thought the water wouldn't come , NOT! We wern't allowed into the area for about ten days . Even then, the Television reporters and the Newspapers all said the damage was far worse than was thought at first. I tried to go back to my building on a couple of occasions , only to be stopped by Armed Virginia National Guardsmen. The kid was younger than me , and armed with an M-1. He had orders to kill if we stepped past his post .

Anyway, a couple of days later , the water finially had gone out to meet the Atlantic Ocean . I trudged out to my "Former " building only to see where it had partly collapsed into what was Dock street . I was able to wade through the stench and find a way to get into a very weak structure . I saw pieces of my former belongings through several feet of mud and silt and of course stench! My van was now residing up side down on an island out in the James River . Pretty much, I had 14.00 and a Non Running Corvair . Several days later , I got the Corvair running and gave it to a guy who needed it worse than I . He had a family and with a running car , he could still get to his job. Me , I packed up what clothing I could salvage and hitch hiked to Los Angles ........... Stayed there for about three years .

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#12 [url]

Jul 31 12 10:01 PM

    Mark, I tell folks all the time , "I'm a winner , not a damned victim ! ". 


You're absolutely right Ed. You are still here to tell about it, and that makes you the winner! (Good old Bobby Bare song!). You can replace "stuff". Still, sorry you had to go through that though.

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