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May 30 12 6:18 AM

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Years ago I was familiar with a promo grading or rating system, scored from one to ten, that was used to describe the condition or originality of promos (not rarity or desirability). I can't find any defintions for this system on the net. Does anyone else know anything about this?

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May 30 12 8:04 AM

I found the system I was thinking of. It was in an old (early '90s) catalog/listing of Hobby Heaven, which I think is now known as Spotlight Hobbies. Dunno if this system is anything like "official" but it does provide something of a useful starting point, at any rate. Anyway, here is what they had in their catalog:

Promos are reated for overall condition, appearance and restorability on a scale of 1 to 10:

10: Like new

8: Excellent, shows very minor wear

6: Good, may need some restoration

4: Fair

2: Rough, major restoration or parts

They also had some helpful abbreviations/shorthand for damage:

C1: Chrome very slightly worn

C2: Chrome moderately worn

C3: Chrome badly worn

(No C rating means chrome is in good condition)

V1: Vent or windshield post slightly bent or cracked, repairable

V2: Vent or windshield post bent or broken, possibly repairable

V1: Vent or windshield post badly broken [Snake's note: or missing completely?]

R1: Very slight warpage

R2: Moderate warpage

R3: Badly warped

J1: Slight "smile"

J2: Moderate "smile"

J3: Bad "smile"

H: Hood ornament(s) broken or missing

WWP: Whitewalls painted

T: Taillight(s) missing

G: Glass crazed or "foggy"

I: Other imperfection(s)

Hope this is of interest/use/help to someone.

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May 30 12 10:42 AM

Thanks for this system.  It provides guidelines.  I made this topic a "sticky", so it stays at the top of this category's listings.

I wrote to Clarence Young.  He provided this reply:

I have no idea. I had my own system for a while. I simply counted flaws no matter how large or small as -1 from 10.

So if a car had an itsy bitsy paint blemish it would be a 9.

I think other promo dealers used a far different system.

Clarence Young

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May 30 12 10:42 AM

So again, Snake45, thanks for your chart.

(BTW, is it OK to ask your name?  I feel odd calling you "Snake".)

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May 30 12 11:00 AM

I'm "Snake45"--or just plain old Snake to friends--all over the net. wink

BTW, how do you upload an avatar here? I've looked all over the place and can't find how/where to do it.

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May 30 12 11:12 AM

Go to the "edit profile" heading at the top bar of the page.  Click that, and there will be instructions for loading your avatar.  Let me know if you have any problems.


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May 30 12 11:16 AM

I don't see anything that says Edit Profile. All I see across the top is "Forum," "Members," and "Stats." I don't even see any way to log in or out. I've never logged in here, other than submitting my "application" the other night.

ETA: Never mind, I found it. It's in the BLACK ribbon at the top of the page (doesn't even look like part of the page), way over on the right. DOH! devil

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