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May 30 12 7:56 AM

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In less than five days of existence, this forum has gained ten members.  I would like to be able to greet each newcomer individually, but things are moving too quickly for that.

So, to everyone who has joined, "Hello, thanks for joining, and welcome to the Promotional Model Cars Forum."

Drop by the Welcome Desk and post your introduction, if you like.  I see some of our members already know each other.

Mark  Crowel

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Jul 19 12 4:21 PM

Another new member!  Welcome crai2773.  Stay long, and post often.

Every once in a while, I check the Stats tab at the top of the page.  Click it, and it shows our forum's weekly ranking compared to all the other forums in Lefora's domain (there are several thousand).  This week, we are 216.  This means were are one of Lefora's most active forums!

I don't want to cause our members' participation to become a posting contest against other forums, but we can be proud that we are building a good, active forum.

Thank you, everyone.  This is still the first site I visit when I log onto my computer each day.

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Jul 19 12 9:17 PM

Welcome crai2773! You will like this forum a lot. We have great people here, and it's a lot of fun.

I'm glad to hear the forum is doing well Mark. Outside of checking my emails, this is the first site I visit when I get on my computer now too. Heck, I'm just really glad to have a forum like this one. Something like this has been badly needed.

Thanks for making it possible for us.

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Mar 30 13 1:43 PM

Welcome to Gary (bctelecom), our newest member.  Thank you for joining us.

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May 20 13 11:57 AM

welcome to our newest member, dkerr1984. we look forward to seeing your collection.

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