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Jun 3 12 12:59 PM

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A couple of times through the years, I heard collectors say that if you soak a warped promo body in hot water, you can rework it to it's original shape.

Clarence at Autohobby says "no, you can't put the oil back into plastic".

Any other thoughts on this?

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Jun 3 12 1:13 PM

I think there's a better chance that you'll warp it even more than it already is. Also, keep in mind that most plastics will shrink every time they're heated. I learned this the hard way trying to un-warp a rare original AMT '65 Chevy body (I still want to cry thinking about it). Thankfully Revell came out with an even better '65 Impala a couple years later.

I've never heard of any way to safely and reliably un-warp those old acetate promos. There might BE one but I don't think I've heard of it.

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Jun 3 12 9:01 PM

I've read the same thing Mark. I've never tried the hot water treatment for correcting warpage. I've read about resin kits being corrected with success this way also, but again have never tried it myself. I've had success correcting warpage on styrene kits using an 1850 watt hair dryer. Mine has two different heat settings (I think most of them do now), and hi and low fan settings. You have to be careful as to not to get to the melting point, but it works well. As with other repair processes, PATIENCE is the biggest factor here. If you go gung-ho at the model with the heat, chances are you will melt it instead of straighten it. Take your time, tweaking it a little at a time. I don't know about acetate though. That might be more harm than a fix. Don't know enough about that stuff.

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