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Jun 12 12 2:25 PM

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Hi, I'm Ronnie D. Mink from southeastern Indiana. I joined this forum about 2 weeks ago. It is one of the best modeling forums ever, easy to use and very informative! Car models of all types is a habit and lifestyle with me. I have been interested in cars almost from the day I was born 57 years ago! I am a reluctant collector, I started building models at an early age, but I ended up buying more than I could build, and now I have about 1800 kits, 200 or 300 promotionals, and many more die cast vehicles. We need this forum, promotional models are all but overlooked by most of today's model builders. They forget that's why we have model cars in the first place! I look forward to posting on and learning many facts about this great hobby of ours on this forum!

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Jun 12 12 3:06 PM

We're glad you're here, Ronnie.  You have enough models to start your own hobby shop!  It is definitely easier to gather kits than it is to build them.

As for promos, I urge you, and all of our other members, to post photos of all of the promos in your collections, regardless of type or condition.  When it comes to model car forums, photos are a big part of what it's all about.  We have a lot of categories to fill in, and, as we who love promos know, we could look at pictures of them for hours.  Also, don't be afraid to post the same type of car someone else has.  The more photos we have, the better.

There can never be too much promo history or tech tips, either.

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Jun 12 12 8:53 PM

Hi Ronnie! Glad you're here. I agree with you, promos have been all but overlooked, especially lately. I have just recently come to appreciate them much more than I ever have before. I don't have a whole lot of them, but when I see them at a decent price nowdays, I grab 'em up. I am guilty also, as I used to not give them much attention either. You're absolutely right, we do need this forum, and I'm equally glad to learn more about them and be a part of it here.

I knew I had a modest collection compared to some. You've got mine more than doubled! I did the same thing as you, started buying more kits over the years than I could ever build, but I do love the automotive history in all of them. 

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Jul 10 12 7:07 AM

Hello, Just joined from the MCM post.  I have been collecting for over 40 years now and have a mass of just about all types of vehicles, including promos.

I'm originally from NE Ohio and was the founder of Tom-C-Toys in the late 80's. We sold that in 2006 and semi retired to sunny AZ.  Sadly the new owners could make it work and closed the store in 2011.

This place could be what is needed to get a new jump start for promos, as stated the interest in them has died off in the last few years.

I have a lot going on right now so time here will be limited, at least for a while.

Tom Allen

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