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Jun 14 12 9:45 AM

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I think it's about time I made a proper introduction, since I've been encouraging each of you to write a few things about yourselves.

My name is Mark Crowel.  I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1952, and I still live in southwestern Michigan.  From late 1974 to late 1975, I lived and worked in the Detroit area.  From 1975 to 1977, I lived and worked in Evansville, Indiana.  Back to the Detroit area again from 1977 to 1982, then finally back to the Kalamazoo area.  My wife and I have no children, but we have two cats and a dog.

I have been fascinated by cars, real and miniature, as far back as I can remember.  I have collected kits, die cast, and promos since Christmas, 1962.  Almost all of the collection was sold in 1982, due to hard times.  I should have kept the promos I had.  Quite a few beautiful Johan X-EL reissues of '50s  Chrysler products, an AMT mint boxed 58 Edsel hardtop, a '58 Johan DeSoto, a "60 JoHan Dodge, 70s MPC promos of Chrysler, AMC, and Chevrolet cars.

I've been slowly rebuilding the collection, much more selectively now, due to a lack of money.  I've been concentrating on '50s promos, when I can afford them.  Also have a few nice Japanese tinplate cars, a few old wooden kits from the late '40s-early '50s, modern die cast models of old American cars, and several Russian die cast models of Russian cars.

I started this forum for people like us, who love promotional model cars and never get tired of looking at them, so we can have a web site where we can do just that.  Also, we can inform each other about our hobby, reminisce about the models we had, and converse about our hobby to our hearts' content.

Thank you to all who have joined us here on Promotional Model Cars Forum.

Mark Crowel

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Jun 14 12 8:27 PM

Your story sounds very familiar Mark. As I had referred to in one of the other categories, I sold most of my vintage kit collection years ago trying to keep from losing my house, to no avail. I know how that goes all too well. Sounds like you had quite a nice collection too. It's really tough trying to replace all the good stuff you once had. Some of the prices I paid for some of the old vintage kits I had, are history also!

I'm very glad you started this forum. It is nice to see the promos. I like looking at all forms of model cars, and promos are a very interesting part of it. I'm looking forward to being here with you for the long term. There seems to be some really good people here, and I like that. That makes me want to keep coming back.

It's a small world Mark! We actually live quite close to each other. I live half-way between Grand Rapids and Lansing. Have you ever been to Rider's Hobby Shop in Grand Rapids? That's where I go for all my suppplies and such. If you've never been there, it's quite the hobby shop. You can get pretty much anything you want there. If they don't have it, they'll get it for you. I frequent the Sylvania (formerly Toledo) Toy Show. Also go to the Macomb County Toy Show in Warren, at the Macomb Community College's Sport Center. I've also gone to the Kalamazoo (Circus Maximus) Toy Show, but it's been a lot of years.

-- Les --

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Jun 14 12 10:13 PM

Thank you for the kind words about this forum, and I'm glad it's appreciated.  Other members have given similar compliments, and I thank them, too.

I believe I did go to the Rider's Hobby Shop in Grand Rapids, but it would have been back in the early '80s.  There was a Rider's in Kalamazoo, but that closed about ten years ago.

One of the most interesting hobby shops I've ever been to was in Farmington Hills, MI, in the early '80s.  It was completely devoted to cars: model cars and toy cars.  It was owned by Herb Jackson, who passed away some years ago.  A man named Bill Enders helped run it.  I don't know if he or the shop still exist.  I think the name of the store was Automobiliana, but I'm not sure.

The store had mostly out-of-production promos and kits.  Many of the promos were from Herb's own private stock.  As I understand it, during the 1950s he accumulated a large number of promotionals, and kept them mint boxed.  I believe he was either a teenager or young adult at the time, which would explain the care he gave to his collection.  As he neared retirement, he opened his store, stocking it with his models.  This was where I bought my mint boxed Edsel (that I should have kept - dang!)
Well, who knows, Les?  We might run into each other some time.  In the meantime, I'm glad you and the other guys are here.

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Dec 27 12 5:29 AM

You were fortunate to be able to visit the shop in person, Mark. It was called Automotive Miniatures and was situated at 29480 Ten Mile in Farmington Hills. I dealt with the shop for a few years by mail order (I live a  l o n g  way from Michigan). Herb Jackson issued periodic lists of the promos he had for sale (they were fascinating lists and I still use them for reference: promos new and old, plastic and potmetal), and the prices seemed fair. I bought a number of models from his business and had no complaints, except for one model which never arrived. Herb promptly refunded the money for the model without question. I also enjoyed dealing with Bill Enders. One of the nicest models I received from Automotive Miniatures was a light blue 1965 Mustang, mint in the original Ford mailer box at a decent price. I still have the 'Stang, 30 years after I bought it, and luckily found its twin in red at an affordable price at a car show on a wonderful day last May. 

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Dec 27 12 4:51 PM

I'm glad someone else knew of that hobby shop.  Is it still in business, and do you know whatever became of Bill Enders?

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Mar 17 13 10:26 AM

hey mark..glad you started the forum & appreciate the opportunity to join..i lived in battle creek for 10 yrs. union ironworker out of local 340..small world..used to go to watervliet (bobs) for his sales twice a year..retired now & living in hillbilly central, process of aquiring a very old , mint, & large collection of kits & promos..p.m.'ed you my phone #  in case your looking for anything specific down the road...

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