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Jul 6 12 10:47 PM

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July 6, 2012.

In the one month and one week since this forum began, it has exceeded my expectations.  Even though we only have thirteen members, we have an extremely active forum.  I don't think we've had a dormant day since we started.  You fellows have submitted many fine photos and posts, spanning a broad range of categories.

Most satisfying of all, is the enthusiasm the members have for our hobby, and the respect and friendliness with which everyone treats each other.  This is the first site I visit when I log on to my computer each day.

You have all made this a fun and Informative forum.

A heartfelt thanks to each and all of you.

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Jul 7 12 5:36 AM

I enjoy it here. I like seeing all the old promos in their wild and various molded colors, and I like the opportunity to share the factory stock and "curbside" kits and diecasts in my collection. Thanks, Mark, for giving us a great place to hang out!

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Jul 7 12 8:12 AM

I couldn't agree more! This forum is the first one I visit now, also. I really enjoy the promos and the "stock" atmosphere it presents. This is the type of thing I like, and always have. This is the way I build most of my kits also. I for one, am certainly very happy with this forum. I feel priveleged to be a part of this one, and the decent people on here. Thanks again Mark, for a forum that caters more to guys like us!

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Jul 8 12 3:05 AM

I totally agree with modelcarz and snake45, this is one of if not the best model car websites I have ever seen! I love the non-competitive atmospere and as has already been said, the vast and varied selection of stock promos, built kits, die cast, steel, and tin toys and models that we can show and share with each other. This forum was badly needed, who would have thought that it would be the success that it is in about 1 month's time. Don't forget the fact that "Lefora" is one of the easiest to use website hosts that I have ever been on! Thank you Mr. Crowel! 

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#6 [url]

Jul 8 12 7:45 AM

And thank you!

Yes, Lefora has the most user friendly procedures for set-up and use I have ever seen, and I have tried other domains.  Lefora was established for people who, like me, are not "techies"; we just want something that is RTU (ready to use).

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