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Jul 10 12 10:33 PM

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Everyone, this is right up our alley:  This website is dedicated to showroom stock builds of 1/25th model kits. 

Some of these are restored gluebombs, brought back to factory stock decency.  Excellent photos of excellent work.  Please take some time to see this site.

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#1 [url]

Jul 11 12 4:58 AM

That's an interesting site I'd never seen before! Thanks for the link!

I remember that guy from the '60s model car magazines. Apparently now he's more into '50s factory stock stuff than the custom work he did back in the day.

He is an absolute MASTER photographer, too. You'll swear some of his photos are real cars.

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#2 [url]

Jul 11 12 8:01 AM

On the Model Cars Magazine Forum
(or is it the Scale Auto Forum?; I'm having a senior moment),
there is a man from Brazil who builds beautiful factory stock models, and photographs them on a scale diorama parking lot, with grass growing through the cracks.  Very realistic.

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#3 [url]

Jul 11 12 2:07 PM

I know who you are taliking about. I've seen him on Scale Auto, although he could be on MCM as well. I don't look at MCM very often. I visit the Scale Auto forum a little more often, but don't participate much anymore. I've seen this guy's models, and he does absolutely spectacular work. His diorama is very cool too. Yes very realistic.

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