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Jul 13 12 8:15 AM

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Gentlemen, I have removed my Wyandotte 1952 Cadillac from the Cadillac category.  It was not a stock promo, because, at some time over the years, someone added a continental style spare.  I don't feel right about keeping it on our forum.

Snake wrote of the importance of avoiding the "slippery slope" that could cause us to lose our forum's focus.  He is decent enough not to show a car with custom wheels, so, to uphold our standards, the right thing for me to do is to remove my Cadillac.  I actually feel better after making this decision.

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Jul 13 12 10:06 AM

Mark, I don't think anyone here would have given you any grief about that. Wasn't it a factory option, or at least a dealer-installed option? It wasn't anything that set off my "Hey, that's not stock!" radar.

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Jul 13 12 10:08 AM

That's very commendable Mark. I'm not sure anyone would have had a problem with it though. I do understand the reason behind it. You don't find many administrators that would do this, so I applaud you.

 I've had the same kind of thoughts about my '70 Chevy Blazer that I posted in the "Built Kits" section. Although it is built stock and you could get them with open rims, I don't believe they came off the lot with the style of tires that I put on it. I believe they would have to have been bought and put on after you bought the truck. It also has side exiting exhausts and headers, which it wouldn't have come out of the factory with. I know we don't show that kind of stuff on this forum, but you can see the pipes in the photos.

I would say that this truck would probably need to be removed also, but I'll leave it up to you, given this information. No problem here if you decide to do so. I don't want to be on the "slippery slope" either.

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Jul 13 12 11:02 AM

Snake and Les,
Thanks for your openmindedness toward that model.  My conscience still feels better leaving it off.
In the 1950s, continental kits were popular options.  They were most commonly seen on '52-'57 Nashes and Ramblers, on which they really looked classy.  They might have been factory options on Cadillacs, but I recall seeing only one '50s Caddy in my life that had a factory installed one, and that had what I call a "back porch" bumper extension.
Les, as for your model, follow your conscience on that one.  If those items were factory approved or dealer provided options, then I would let it pass as legit.

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Jul 13 12 11:02 AM

Well I should tell you that if I ever get this stupid '68 Javelin promo finished, I'm planning to post it in the promos section and it's riding on mag wheels because the original wheels and tires were too messed up to use (and I don't particularly care for them anyway). Also, the interior has been painted (white) and the chrome trim on the body has been done. In other words, it's in the style of the '70 GTO promo I posted.

But it IS an original promo (not a kit), with the original plastic (blue) polished to a high gloss.

For some reason I don't feel a bit guilty about posting it here, and in the promo section, but I wouldn't think of posting a built KIT here with aftermarket mag wheels. I don't know why it's different to me, but it is.

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Jul 13 12 7:36 PM

I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but painting and foiling a promo to make it look better is a good thing in my opinion. It's still a promo, right? And the promos that we run across that are not in very good condition and need to be restored or fixed, have to have that stuff done to them anyway.

As for wheels and tires......I feel that if the original wheels and tires are messed up beyond use or are missing, you shouldn't be penalized or dis-allowed for what you find to put on them, if that's the case. It should be noted as such though. That's my take on it, and is just my opinion. I know I would still like to see someone's promo even if it had been painted, or had a different set of wheels and tires on it. Of course a flamed paint job, and big-n-little tires may be a bit over the line!

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Jul 13 12 9:59 PM

You guys are right.  Not all the promos we get are mint, original, or even very good.  They need to be repaired and dressed up.  It's better than scrapping them.  A promo is a promo, and in this forum, preserving, repairing, and displaying promos is what we are all about.

When I started this forum, it didn't matter to me what condition a promo is in, it should be shown.  My opinion is still the same.

I might therefore, repost that Cadillac.  It's a good specimen of a '50s vintage friction drive model.  As for the continental spare, well, that's the way it was when I bought it.  I could remove it, but I'm not sure what damage I'd do, so I'm leaving it on.  The point is, it's a friction drive/promo, and that's what we show here.

I feel the same way as Snake does about there being a difference between promos and built kits.  Probably because promotional model cars are special just because they are promotionals. 

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Jul 13 12 10:11 PM

On the subject, my 1950 Studebaker promo would have been scrapped by some people, but I couldn't do that.  After all it IS a promo, and a bullet nose Studebaker at that.

See my thread in this forum:   Non-original paint job and color, and homemade cardboard replacement parts.  Nonetheless, it fills a spot in my collection at a price I can afford: $20.  One of these in very good condition would cost seven or eight times that price.

Most satisfyingly, I rescued a 1950 Studebaker promo.  My results are far from expert, but I did right by that car.

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Jul 14 12 8:27 AM

I agree wholeheartly with all the posts in this thread. I put promos into 2 categories, mint (or close to mint) or rebuilt promos. Most of my promos are mint or good, but I like to rebuild promos also, and I have a few of them. The only thing, if a promo is rebuilt, it should be noted, especially if it is being sold or traded. And, I do not see anything wrong with modifying a damaged promo. As Mr. Crowel says, we are saving a promo, and stock or modified, that is what we are all about!  

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Jul 14 12 10:25 AM

Okay fellows, I appreciate the input.  The Cadillac is back.  Thank you, all.

But also, let's continue to limit our built kit posts to factory stock models, curbside displays, to retain a promo ambience.  Otherwise, we are just another model car forum.

Built snap kits, if they are factory  stock, can be displayed as promos or built kits, with acknowledgement that they are snap kits.  I consider a factory stock version of a snap kit to be an unbuilt promo.

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Jul 17 12 9:21 AM

That is the only way to do it!  And, I also the the cars shown on this forum should be factory stock, with one exception. I think mag wheels should be allowed for two reasons: 1. If they are period for the years the model was made (Such as "ET" Mags on a '65 GTO) or if the factory offered them over the parts counter (As Ford did with "Cragar" wheels in '65, they even replaced the "Cragar" emblem on the wheel with the "Ford" blue oval), but the models shown should otherwise be factory stock.

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