Jul 14 12 8:21 PM

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In one of our threads, we were talking about collections of models being discarded after a collector's passing.  For guys like us, this is disconcerting, because the historical value of our models goes beyond their personal sentimental value.

I'm setting out this idea for everyone to chew on.  There are model car and toy museums, but probably not enough, and eventually any museum runs out of capacity.  Could we start our own?

How, where, and when will have to be worked out.  The museum's purpose, besides preserving promotional and model car history, would be to provide a place to donate our collections when the time comes.  We might have to find someone to legally manage the museum as a trust.

I'm guessing that most of us are "boomers".  We're getting older.  I don't have any heirs.  I don't think my two grand nephews collect model cars.  Those of us who have heirs might find that they are uninterested in our model car collections.  We should consider ways to keep our collections out of the trash.

Be thinking of this, and from time to time, as any of you think of ideas, please share them in this thread.