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Jul 19 12 10:02 AM

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Found another article on promo restoration in the June 1997 issue of Scale Auto. Cover blurb says "How to Restore Warped Promo Models." Article is by Rick Hanmore. But the "secret" to restoring warped promos is to replace the whole body with a new resin reproduction by someplace like Modelhaus*. The rest of the 6-page (!) full-color article is just about promo disassembly, and painting resin. Really no new information of use to us here, so I'm not going to bother to scan and post it. You now have the whole "secret" of this story.

*From the motion picture Duh!

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Jul 19 12 10:30 AM

Snake, I took a liberty with your thread here, because as you were posting this, coincidentantally, I was looking up articles about Tenite acetate plastic, which was used for promo bodies before styrene and cycolac.  Since these topics fit so well together, I'd like to use this thread to post links to these articles.  I hope you don't mind.

This article (Adobe pdf.) shows the results of Tenite being exposed to a very wide range of chemicals:

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