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Jul 21 12 9:25 AM

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I have a buddy who just got done restoring a '59 Bonneville promo. He said that it was pretty decent as far as warpage, when he got it. He polished it up real nice, and did the trim with Bare Metal foil. I'm not sure how much painting he did on it (if any), as I can't recall him telling me, and I forgot to ask! He did a real nice job on it, and I've seen pics of it. 
He told me he used tube silicone to glue things together. He said that after he glued it together and put some bands around it to hold things in place, it warped pretty good. The roof and sides warped like they are prone to doing, but he said that it really excelerated the warping after he glued it together.

Could you guys in the know tell me if the silicone could have reacted with the old acetate (or what ever it's made of), and caused it to quickly warp? I've never owned any models or promos that's made of material other than styrene (some resin pieces now), so I'm not familiar with how that may or may not react with each other. He says that he has used it before on old '50s promos with no problems, but this one warped after he glued it together.
Any thoughts on this situation?

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Jul 21 12 9:53 AM

I've often used silicone to make molds of small parts (the black Permatex stuff is the best, IMHO), and have never had any problem with it reacting with anything. In fact, you don't even need mold release using it on styrene, it just peels right off. The only thing I've ever had it stick permanently to is more silicone. I doubt it caused your friend's warpage but with those weird old plastics, who can say?

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Jul 21 12 6:38 PM

This article (Adobe pdf.) shows the results of Tenite being exposed to a very wide range of chemicals:


VERY interesting! I couldn't find silicone on it but did see acetic acid. Most of the silicone products give off a strong vinegar smell as they cure, and guess what vinegar is? Acetic acid according to the chart softens Tenite. Got a paper like that on styrene, Mark?

Oh, and BTW, clicking on that link locked up my computer for about two minutes while it downloaded. It finally did come up fine but now my computer is running very slow. Off to restart!

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Jul 22 12 12:02 AM

Yes, very interesting indeed. So it's possible that the chemical(s) in silicone could have softened up my buddy's promo as it cured, causing it to warp like it did. I'll have to email him, and send him the link to the info as well. Thanks a TON Mark! He will be very appreciative of the info as well. I appreciate it, fellas.

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