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#41 [url]

Sep 7 12 10:24 PM

I'm glad were all here, and I think we are a great bunch of guys.  Even if this forum doesn't gain much more activity or many more members, it has already exceeded my expectations, and become what I hoped it would be.

What we have here is a relaxing site to visit, where we can look at promotional model cars to our hearts' content, and we've been blessed with many fine photos of them.  Add to that the tinplates, diecasts, and built kits, and we have plenty of eye candy and nostalgia nourishment to satisfy any model car buff who wants to take a walk down memory lane.

And that's what this forum is all about.

Snake, thank you for the support, and thanks to each one of you for building this into an enjoyable forum.

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#44 [url]

Sep 9 12 11:31 AM

Mark, let me get caught up a might . I'm recreating the "Former Fish Inn" that was in Core de Lane Idaho. It was an all wood structure that was shaped like a gigantic Bass fish. Yes, it was all wood . it was built about 1926. it lasted until 1991 when a grease fire took it out .

As for seeing re- runs of Hogan's Heroes , if you have access to a "Secondary" television channel called Antena T V , you probably can catch it there . You might also try a Google search for Antenia T V .com too...........

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#47 [url]

Sep 10 12 7:10 AM

Right now mark, it's on an "Invite Only forum , Model and . The Invite only forum is called Man Cave . It was an outgroth of Mark Moores Scale Asylum which he allowed to just fall. Bein as me , Gramps XRDS, George 53, and Capt Bondo were the only ones left . I made a comment that ole markie got all livid about . He ran me off an Capt Bondo started Man Cave . I'm one of the admistrators . The rest is history .............

I'll get Fish Inn Pictures up here soon as I can get caught up. You WILL NOT see them at EITHER of the magazine forums !

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#48 [url]

Sep 10 12 9:31 AM

First, we NEED this forum! Second, I too, am sick of the pettiness being exibited by some so-called modelers out there, members of THIS BOARD EXCLUDED! This is about the only intelligent board left to post on! I have yet to post photos on this board because; 1. My wife's Focus quit running a week ago and we had to get a new car.  2. We decided to build a 3 car garage, the hassel in making arrangements, getting permits, getting materials, and getting somebody to listen to and do what our builder  wants is enough to make a steamboat turn up a dirt road! Therefore, I have not had time to photograph any of my promos and model kits, which are miles away in Ohio. 3. I also belong to a model car club. Two other folks and I founded it in 1994. Some members decided to elect a president last month, so I have been helping that transition into the political matters involving elected club officials. But, I will have photos of my models as soon as possible. This I promise! Just keep this forum alive! 

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#49 [url]

Sep 10 12 9:59 AM

I hope the lousy luck has been put behind you, and things are on the upswing for you now, Ronnie. I couldn't agree more about the model forums. This one and the Retro forum are my main ones now. I look at the magazine boards from time-to-time, but don't participate much at all anymore. I'm really turned off by them in the last few years. There is only one other board that I participate in fairly regularly, and it was started by some disgruntled former magazine board members (which shall remain nameless here). That one still has been fairly drama free, and still has a decent maturity level to it. If it gets to the point of the other ones though, I will say adios to it as well.

Looking forward to seeing your models when you get the chance to post 'em up!

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#50 [url]

Sep 10 12 10:16 AM

    Thank you, Ed, that brings back memories of a show I always enjoyed watching.



Mark, I get a channel called MeTV. It runs the old shows like Hogan's Heros, Get Smart, Gunsmoke, and many more of the ones we used to watch from that era. I have it through my cable company, and I can also get it over the air with my digital antenna. I think one of the Fox stations here carry it as one of their secondary channels, as Ed mentioned. You should be able to get this one as well, I would think. We live close enough to each other, that I can't imagine you not being able to get this channel also.

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#52 [url]

Sep 10 12 11:10 PM

Thanks Ed and Les, for the TV info, but I don't watch TV much these days.  I'm still working full time, and when I'm at home, television would cut into my model building time.

Ronnie, thank you for your support and compliments for this forum.  I intend for this forum to stay, and gradually, it will grow on its own.  Take your time on retrieving your models; we'll be here.

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#53 [url]

Sep 11 12 8:27 AM

You are a smart man, Mark! I would get a lot more modeling done if I would turn the TV off, too. I am a huge Detroit Tigers fan, and have to watch all the games. I also like the Lions, and watch football along with trying to keep up with the NASCAR stuff.

The History Channel yields some more shows that I am more or less hooked on as well! Along with "Swamp People", I have to watch "American Pickers", "Pawn Stars", and the new series "Counting Cars" which is very cool. And of course when the Barrett-Jackson auctions are on, I can sit for hours and watch that. Yep, I definitely would get more done if I left the darn tube alone! LOL!

I think you are right about this forum growing on it's own. Sometimes these things take off in a blaze, and other times they grow slowly. I think you'll be just fine with it though. Either way, I too will do what I can to help promote and support it, and will be here with you for the long haul.

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#54 [url]

Sep 11 12 10:45 PM

I appreciate that, Les, and I think the rest of the guys can be counted on, too.

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