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#21 [url]

Aug 13 12 11:46 AM

I had the thought Mark that the info on everyone registered here who applies to there is transferred to the app. The fact that you are classified as founder here may prevent you from registering there because you can't be a founder there and don't want to be. It may not know that you are applying to be a member. I'd ask the tech guys, they should know.  

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#24 [url]

Sep 4 12 2:36 PM

I applied for this when it was first founded, I thought it accepted my application but apparently it did not, as I found out today when I logged on to this website. Now, it will not accept anything about me, not my web address or password. I had no problems getting on the promo model website.

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#25 [url]

Sep 4 12 3:00 PM

rdmink, you're a member of the Retro board and have 3 posts there. The membership list shows you as a member of that board and this one, so apparently you use the same name and login on both.

I think if you're logged in here and go to the retro board you should also be logged in. Otherwise I don't know what to tell you.

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#26 [url]

Sep 5 12 5:49 AM

If you want to know if your on both forums, go to the top right hand corner of the page and left click on your user name to open your profile. Once open, you can see a list of forums that you are a member. It should say Promodelcars and retroscalemodeling. You can go back and forth between forums by left mouse clicking the one your not on.   

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#27 [url]

Sep 5 12 8:03 AM

    If you want to know if your on both forums, go to the top right hand corner of the page and left click on your user name to open your profile. Once open, you can see a list of forums that you are a member. It should say Promodelcars and retroscalemodeling. You can go back and forth between forums by left mouse clicking the one your not on.   


That's usually the way I do it too. I click on my username in the upper right corner, and then when in my Profile, click on which ever one I'm not on. Then I go back and forth if I want to. You should get there just fine if you do that also. I can log in on either site though. Hmmm....don't know why it won't let ya log in on the Retro site.

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#28 [url]

Sep 5 12 10:13 AM

I didn't say I couldn't log on both sites at once. I can do that if I want. I used my post as an example of how to check which sites Ronnie is registered on and possibly a way to get on the retro site from this one.

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#29 [url]

Sep 5 12 2:22 PM

That's exactly what I was talking about also. Trying to help figure out why Ronnie can't log in directly to the Retro site. As I said in my post, I can log in on either site, where Ronnie said that the Retro site won't let him log in directly. Something must be blocking him from doing so, but who knows what it is at this point.

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#30 [url]

Sep 5 12 6:20 PM

Okay, I did what you said to do, and I am indeed listed as a member of both websites. Thank you for that information, I should have no trouble logging onto either website. Thank you again!

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#32 [url]

Sep 5 12 10:58 PM

    Not much action here, anymore.  Everyone's gone next door to play.[image]


You said it Mark! Kinda strange, huh? I have posted a couple of die casts to try and help keep things fresh on here (I have no more promos),  No replies on the last one. Maybe the one I just put up will create a little action? I go next door also, but I always check in here as well.

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#33 [url]

Sep 6 12 5:46 AM

I too still check in here several times a day. There's a certain amount of overlap with "across the street" but still lots of things that can go one place but not the other. I'm almost out of promos to show here, at least until I get that '68 Javelin rebuild finished. I do have a few more diecasts I need to photograph for here, and a couple of stock musclecar models that fit the rules here but are on kits too new to be retro.

Mark, I certainly didn't intend to take anything away from this forum when I started the retro joint. And as I said, there is some overlap but not all that much. And at the moment, the retro site seems to be at least 2/3 airplanes.

It's a shame that SA won't let us plug this site or mine on their forum. I think we could both pick up a bunch of car modelers if they'd let us throw out a plug every now and then, but they want to be jerks about it.

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#34 [url]

Sep 6 12 2:06 PM

Snake , ALL of Kalmbach publishing is that way . I also think a lot is Jim Haught's fault that several automobile subjects aren't allowed to be covered at his magazine too. I didn't join the "Retro- forum " because it seems to be more narrowly focused than this place is . I'm already a member at Trak, and it seems a little "Stiff " over there too at too many times . I've deleted myself from one of the magazine forums over the "General " attitudes and the stupid bickering there . I've further deleted my membership from I know a dozen " Pro- Boards " over their jealousy, bickering , and overall lack of focus . Doing a "Specialty " forum is a tricky business. Having Fresh Meat is always going to be a huge undertaking .

The problem I see is there is always a "Few " who seem to shoulder the responsibility and too many who seem to wish to condem anything that is not in their "Comfort Zone ". The doers get Burn -Out and go away leaving the Condemers to carry on . Soon, it becomes an abyss. I stop in to see what all "Might " be going on every day. Since I build primarily dioramas , that can realisticly take a year to do just one ! Promotional cars to me are used as "Supporting cast members" for my dioramas . Then too, I can't show Die cast at ANY I P M S sanctioned event , it's not allowed . This further narrows some of my diorama work to N N L and Automotive Society shows where at least Die cast isn't a four letter word .

If it were up to me , I would merger the two forums together and shoulder responsibility into a "unique " forum . Just don't allow the "Prisiones to run amok as they do on another forum and maybe you can retain a viewership. Another item I see a problem with is a "Heavy- handed Moderator . " Hey, I'm a moderator at an invite only forum. It was made up mainly of "Ex" M C M'ers . I've actually only had to delete one topic in three years and I MIGHT have locked about three topics ! Yeah, try that on OTHER forums . See, I use a lot of P-M's to get a point accross. Seems to work , cause I don't generally have to say much either .

Far as I'm concerned , I'll look at both forums . I won't join the "Retro" as i see no need to do so . If I can add something CONSTRUCTIVE to this place , I will comment , aside from that, it's coffee time .

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#35 [url]

Sep 6 12 6:26 PM

I think you have made some really good pionts. I like these kind of forums simply because of the fact that we don't have the "rivet counters". They won't come here because there is nothing for them to pick apart, and it wouldn't be tolerated for very long if they did. I really appreciate a place like this.

I disagree with merging the two forums. I think both serve a needed purpose. Sure, we are slowing down a bit here, but for me it's because I've run out of promos. I'll add more periodically, but not like I would if they were kits. I have a few more die cast cars, and I will exhaust my supply of those that qualify to be posted here, before much longer also. I think it was Ronnie who has his promos stored elsewhere, and will be posting them as he can. Sounds like he has a bunch to put on here, so that's something to look forward to. A lot of promos and die casts from 1981 up aren't retro items, and wouldn't fit the guidelines.

I joined this forum and the Retro forum because they suit me the best. The Retro forum gives me the opportunity to share models the way I prefer to build them nowdays, with some of the like-minded people. This forum is the same way, as far as stock builds go.

 I don't care for super-detailing models anymore (not that I can't do it), because it's quite time-consuming. And, as they sit in my display case, nobody else sees them but me. This way, I can get more models from my stash built, and I don't have to spend all that time doing them. I've found that after spending all that time on a model, unless you are building it for a contest, nobody really cares all that much about all the stuff you don't see with the hood shut anyway.

I try to be respectful to others, and expect the same treatment back. I have no problem firing back at some jerk who doesn't respect the good folks who try hard, but aren't at the skill level that some are. That really discourages a new modeler, or someone who hasn't gotten to that certain skill level. That's what I like so well about these two sites. I haven't seen any of that crap, and don't expect I will either. I appreciate these two sites so much for the kind of places they are. I wouldn't change a thing, if it were me.

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#36 [url]

Sep 6 12 7:55 PM

I too don't see any reason to merge the two forums. They have two VERY different focuses. Yes there is a certain amount of overlap but not much. I'd say much less than 10%.

I think there are more people interested in promos than just the ones here but I don't know how to get to them, especially with SA not allowing links. SA's where I heard of this place when Mark first announced it and I think I was one of the first to sign up here. I don't know how long Mark's announcement thread there was allowed to stand before it was pulled (I assume it was pulled, as mine was).

As to the Retro forum, I know of at least two other model airplane forums where I could plug it that I haven't even mentioned it yet. We have plenty of model airplane guys there right now, we need more car guys. If things start slowing down I can troll for newbies on one or the other of those airplane sites. If I do, I'll give this place a shout-out there as well--it couldn't hurt.

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#37 [url]

Sep 6 12 10:15 PM

Friends, thanks for the serious thought you've all given this matter.  My remark was intended to be more lighthearted than it appeared to be.  However, it has slowed down here, but for understandable reasons.  We each have only so many promos, and I have already shown all of mine.

As Ed said, with a specialty forum such as this one, it doesn't take long to run out of fresh material.  I'm glad we allow diecasts, tinplate, and stock builds.

When John Witzke is able to unpack more of his collection, and as Ronnie brings his out of storage, we will see more promos.  Of course, we are hoping for more members.  One encouraging note: when you type in "promotional model cars" on the Internet Explorer search bar, our forum shows up on the first results page.

I haven't been on SA for quite a while.  I didn't know they disallowed, and pulled, links.  Did they think that links were pulling viewers away from them? 

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#38 [url]

Sep 7 12 5:43 AM

I haven't been on SA for quite a while.  I didn't know they disallowed, and pulled, links.  Did they think that links were pulling viewers away from them?

You answered yer own question Mark................. SLURP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#39 [url]

Sep 7 12 6:08 AM

Snake , first , I didn't mean to up set you so bad . Look, spintering off into very "Minute " groups will "WEAKEN" the automobile hobby the way I P M S has "ALREADY splintered the Military people into Aircraft, Marine , and now tanks . Hey, if you want "Attitudes ", come here to Richmond Virginia where the stupid Chevrolet people won't speak to the Buick Club versus the street Rodders who hate the AACA club and so on. I'm so sick of the whole mess, I could spit 10 penny nails !

I simply suggested merging the two forums as this forum is far and above wayyyyyy better than EITHER of the "Magazine " forums ! For one , I see "Mature dicussions being presented in a Mature fashion, something I can not say at one of them .

A good model IS a GOOD MODEL. A piece of KRAP-O-La is well................ Slurp.

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#40 [url]

Sep 7 12 7:44 AM

Art, I'm not upset at all. I just don't see any reason or justification in merging these two forums. About all they have in common is that Mark's success with this one, in his niche, inspired me to create mine in another niche, and Mark was very supportive and helpful in getting me started with it.

I don't think it's physically possible to "merge" the two forums even if Mark and I wanted to ever so much.

I FULLY support what Mark is doing here and will help him out and spread the word about this place whenever and wherever I can. And I participate here with everything I have that applies. Heck, I have models and diecasts I can post here that I can't even post on my own forum without breaking the rules! wink

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