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Aug 12 12 2:23 PM

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As our membership grows, it's important to let new members know that this forum is first and foremost, a forum for promotional model cars.  Promotional models (promos) have the primary purpose of showing the real cars that the automakers have produced, so they are representations of factory stock offerings. Tinplate and diecast cars are closely related to promos, if they represent the real car in factory stock form, and if they do, they are allowed, too.  Likewise with regard to built kits: they must be factory stock representations.

The whole intent here is to stay within the spirit and intent of promos.  This is what distinguishes our forum from general model car forums.  This was determined by by a member discussion:

Promos that have been restored with nonstock parts in an effort to replicate a factory stock appearance are allowed, because they are promos, and our interest is in preserving them to the best extent possible.

Built kits that display post-factory dealer-approved items, such as mag wheels that a customer could have ordered with a new car, can be allowed also.

If a diorama is mostly a display of factory stock vehicles, but happens to contain a period-correct hot rod, street rod, or custom, it will be considered for display, if the non-stock car cannot be removed from the diorama.

Factory stock snap-kits are considered, in this forum, to be promos in kit form.  They are allowed.

There is no desire to be harsh or dictatorial here, but promotional model cars are the primary intent of this forum, and therefore, we want to keep our other entries in that vein.

Thank you for understanding, and for being members of this forum.

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Aug 12 12 2:30 PM

Two earlier member discussions on this topic:

And the following:

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Mark and Les, I appreciate your support but I think I'll pass on posting the GTO here, at least for the time being. I appreciate and respect the goals and purpose of the board, which is to showcase and appreciate and share factory promos first and foremost, with some related kits and diecasts thrown in, and I consider the latter a courtesy and a privilege that's been extended. Let my mag wheels into the Built Kit category, and sooner or later someone will want to post up a car that's "factory stock except for" a hood scoop or a flame paint job, and before you know it we'll be crawling with full-on "street machines" and street freaks and the like.

Well, it won't start with me. Besides, I already posted a link to the full story of the GTO so anyone who wants to see it can. wink

I do have a promo or two with nonfactory wheels & tires that I'm planning to show, but after all they ARE original promos and so have at least some right to be here. I'm also planning to maybe post a couple of diecasts in my collection that have mag wheels but are otherwise factory stock, but those wheels are what came on the thing and it can be difficult or nearly impossible to swap out diecast wheels/tires in some cases. But I'm afraid that posting non-factory built kits will start us down a road maybe we don't want to go down. As I said, I'm not going to be the first one to step on the slippery slope. wink

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