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Sep 26 12 10:27 AM

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A couple months ago I got in the mood to rehab a '65 Mustang promo I knew I had, but I couldn't find it (and a '65 Bonneville, too). I tore this house UP looking for the things! Just now, while looking for something else completely (ain't it always the way?), I found them!

I'd remembered the Mustang being molded in orange (Poppy Red). It's actually redder than that. I thought there was a deep scratch or divot on one of the front fenders but I don't see it now. Both tallights are missing and both bumpers are broken but I can swipe those out of a common AMT '66 kit. The windshield has a glue smear on it but again no problem, if it won't polish off an AMT '66 kit can sacrifice that too. Most of the chrome is gone from the grille but that's not a deal-killer as I'll be detail-painting it anyway. I was surprised to see the distinctive '65 wheel covers in such good shape--I can definitely work with them. One thing it IS missing is one bucket seat. Sadly, Modelhaus doesn't repop the '65 seats so if anyone has a spare '65 Mustang seat, I'd love to have it, otherwise I'll have to substitute incorrect '66 seats in there.

The plan is to do one of my trademark "Optimized Promo" restorations on it--polish the red plastic, paint all the chrome trim, and paint the chassis and interior black. Will post photos of it and the Bonneville as soon as I get around to taking them.

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Sep 27 12 4:26 AM

It's a hardtop.

The license plates are molded into the valence and don't have the year, they just say MUSTANG.

BTW it's a friction but not with a flat featureless type chassis, it's a full detail chassis. But friction.

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Sep 27 12 8:15 AM

Very cool ! Those are some awesome subjects. I am looking forward to seeing these done up also. Yeah it seems that when you are looking for something specific, you can never find it. That's especially true when you put something "right where you'll know where it is"! I've done that too many times myself! Then you stumble upon it (or them) while looking for something else, after giving up on ever finding the things you were looking for before.

Nowdays all of my models and related stuff are in one main spot (thankfully!). The only exception to that, is I have my most vintage kits in the closet in the master bedroom. But, the only reason I have done that is, I ran out of room in the front bedroom that I now use as my model room! Otherwise they would all be together. At least I don't have to search for things too much anymore. And, if it ain't in either of those two places, then I don't have it anymore!

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